Do Rodents Chew on Wires? Why?

The rodent family includes mice and rats. They are harmful since they can chew on electrical wires inside your house. Actually, rats and mice chew on pretty much everything that they come across with.

The reason why they are chewing wires and furniture is that of their teeth. When they chew on something, they are keeping their teeth from growing too long. Rodents teeth grow 5-6 inches a year. It can be troublesome for them. It is pretty much in their nature to chew at something. 

Mice and rats can gnaw at the wood, paper, clothes, furniture, and wires inside your house. They also like to chew on foods that have high protein content and fat. However, chewing on wires does not give them the protein or the nutrition that they need. This is just a way to wear down their teeth.  Wires are soft and can be found anywhere. These wires fit their need for chewing nicely. However, it can cause inconvenience for a homeowner.

Hazards of mice chewing on wires

One of the potential dangers of getting the wires chewed is the threat of fire. The electrical copper can be exposed to something that is flammable. They are known to choose areas where the wood meets the wires. The exposed wires can burn the wood that serves as a framework for your house. This can cost you a lot of money on repairs. Copper wires that are exposed can cause electrocution to you or the members of your family. Small children and pets might find exposed wirings. The insulation that covers the wires is a good material to build a nest. 

Signs of a mouse infestation

If you hear small footsteps during the night, they might possibly come from mice inside your walls. They love to hunt during the night since they are nocturnal. You might want to check not only your electrical wires but also your plumbing if your house is infested.

If you suddenly have an electrical outage, it might be caused by mice. Mice can chew on wirings if they are trying to get from one place to another. Urine from rodents can be a conductor for the two wires to touch each other and cause a fire. Double check your lightbox, outlet box, main panel, junction box and switch box to ensure that every wire is fine.

Rodents will not chew on wires all the time. However, it is still very important to get rid of them. They are unwelcome visitors. They cant do any good for your house and your family. They will just eat and contaminate your food. They can be a nuisance at night. They leave droppings everywhere. You should get rid of them before they get out of control. Rodents are a pest and should be treated as such. You can keep a cat or a dog in order to kill them. Check all the other low-cost methods to get rid of rodents in your area.   

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